TALK with your healthcare provider

It’s important to follow up with your healthcare provider if you feel your current treatment isn't right for you. TALK to them about the symptoms you're experiencing and treatment goals you want.

Talking with your healthcare provider is key to your treatment success. Ask your healthcare provider the following questions to be sure you are using the right migraine medication for your needs and that you are staying on your treatment for the proper amount of time:

Questions migraine patients can ask their HCP to be sure they are using the right migraine medicine for their needs

Here are a few things to keep in mind that may lead to better treatment moving forward:

  • If your daily activities are still being impacted, your treatment may not be working the way it should for you
  • Ask your healthcare provider whether there are any changes you can make to optimize your current treatment or whether you should consider a different treatment
  • Typically, preventive treatment should be taken at the dose recommended by your healthcare provider for at least 3 months to ensure it is working